Live Heading

Sheffield '95 Jodrell '96 Derby '96 Huizen '97 Jodrell '97
Eindhoven '97 Sheffield '98 Valö '99 Nijmegen '99 Jodrell '00
Reading '00 Reading '01 Okefenokee '01 Liphook '01
Future Plans Concerts in Germany and the Okefenokee in 2002, and other possibilities

Because of the improvised nature of Airsculpture's music, a live performance is always a unique event. Typically we take to the stage with little or no idea what is going to happen. We may have discussed a general feel to the start of the concert, or have decided the order in which we will take sequencing duties as the concert develops, and we'll probably have decided what key we'll open in. Very occasionaly we will play around a theme which we've developed during rehearsals, but even this is improvising around a loose structure, not a well defined, composed piece. If you come to see us play, we can guarantee that you will hear new music, which will never be peformed again.

We don't get a chance to play as often as we'd like. Electronic music doesn't usually get on the conventional gig circuit. You can't just wander down to the local pub and offer to play for beer on a friday night. Well, not twice anyway. About the only upside is that each concert is a special event. These pages give some idea of what you missed, or offer a reminder of what you saw.

One inevitable consequence of an improvised approach is that you can't guarantee the quality of the music, and if things start going wrong technically you can't just fall back on playing safe standards on autopilot. We've tried to be honest about the concerts which have been less succesful than we'd have liked. We could play safe and mime along to a DAT, but in the end by taking the risks we get music which you simply would not compose.

Fan Tapes: We actively encourage audio and video recording of our performances for private use. You may freely give away or trade these recordings, but may not charge for them. We only ask that if we release a concert which you have a recording of as a live album, you buy the album (if you would have done so without the recording - be honest with yourself). We'd also be very grateful to recieve copies of any recordings you make, espcially video which we're generally too busy to do ourselves! Note that concert organisers still have the right to prevent you from bringing recording equipment into a venue, as this might affect other artists performing at the same time.

Sheffield '95 Live Debut at the third EMMA festival.
Jodrell '96 First concert in the Jodrell Bank planetarium.
Derby '96 Open-Air concert in Derby Marketplace.
Huizen '97 4th Alfa-Centauri festival at Huizen in the Netherlands. The "Europa" concert.
Jodrell '97 Second appearance at the Jodrell Bank planetarium.
Eindhoven '97 Appearance at the launch of the Truth or Dare album.
Sheffield '98 Opening for John Dyson at Sheffield City Hall.
Valö '99 Open air concert at the 3rd Eurosonic festival in Sweden.
Nijmegen '99 E-Live festival in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
Jodrell '00 Yet another Jodrell Bank planetarium gig.
Reading '00 An art-gallery installation.
Reading '01 Repeat of the art-gallery installation.
Okefenokee '01 Pete and John jamming in a swamp.
Liphook '01 The Hampshire Jam festival.